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My work

[Image: dc.jpg]


[Image: netapps.jpg]


[Image: dc2.jpg]


[Image: gear.jpg]


[Image: sunfire.jpg]


[Image: bladecenter.jpg]


Jeez!! too meny Dedicated Servers! thats cool, it would be good busines to sells the web hosting, Shell hosting and a Dedicated Server for games.


But it too expentive to have that, like 200 machines and extreme fast connection. i've always want one for my business...


* Vemon taking his pocket out and the moth flying about


no money :(

It's kinda... dark. Looks depressing to me.
we keep the lights down most of the time. I like the dark.
super neato cool stuff, perhaps one day i will be able to walk through such halls and smile comfortably =)
the dark makes it easier for one to see which lights are blinking and which ones are not... dark is good in my opinion.
That is very neat and organized. Looks good. I'll upload some pics of my work when I get the time.

Here is the place that I spend most of my time at.

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