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ive added some new categories and ...

updated some of the other categories with new topics,


feel free to be the first to post something useful in these now blank areas :)






I like the distro sections idea but was surprised that slackware didnt make the cut. From what i had

heard it's a pretty sweet distro. Is it not as popular as i had assumed? only reason im askin is cause thats what i was planning on switching to after rh9 since, and i know this is childish, i simply cant use an os named fedora. I know its just a name but man it's like naming yer gun suzy , gun or not it doesnt sound scary.

have fun



try fedora,


and then and only then tell me you cant use it :P


oh... and read this while you are installing Fedora Core Release 1.


i've added slackware for you too :)






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