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Howdy! =)#

Howdy Folks . I am amishjim. I got the nick while I worked in a sawmill in York County, Pennsyltucky. I worked around a bunch of Amish guys and ended up with this huge Amish-type beard, which is orange. So it was like this big orangish red afro on my chin and the Amish hated it. hehe. People would come to the mill to buy lumber and would be like.."Look at the redheaded Amish guy!" and the Amish hated that even more, so all the non-Amish started calling me amishjim, hehe. That was like 12 years ago and it has stuck since. I'm not in the mill anymore, I now do freelance work in the Film and Television field. I do Camera and Audio mainly now for live sports such as Pirates baseball, Steelers, Penguins. O yea and I live in Pittsburgh now. I love the area, hate the economy. I am 33 now and will be graduating Pittsburgh Technical Institute on the 22 of this month, w00t! I am getting my Associate in blah blahComputer Network blah blah, it doesn't matter what it says ,there is no work here in the burgh. I am content working around sports television and I'm a lifelong fan of most sports. Anything competitive i guess.

So HELLO WORLD and I hope to learn alot more about linux in the near future and then php and whatnot. heh.



cool story how about a photo so we can see this amish beard :)


and welcome to the club !





welcome to the forums. still have the beard?
Have fun! :)

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