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It is possible to make VHOST for IRC use

It seem nothing on here, so i though why not I ask a daft question heh.


what if i have my host linking to my ISP IP and want to setup the psybnc and use my host from Linux machine. it is possible to do that?


or is there is way to create your own domain from your own machine and use it all over the world?


I've seen some domain seller have provide them, how it works and how do they broadcast the domain all over the world ?


Just wanna know some information - which is would be useful for me in the future.


you can point any amount of domains/hosts you want at an IP.. the problem is getting it reversed. Your ISP needs to give you ownership over that IP to reverse it. I'd say 99.9% of all ISP's will not do it unless you have a business account and have a static ip(s)


Its pretty useless to do that just for a bounce if you cannot reverse since people would see you on IRC as your ISP reverse.


that what i thougt so!! :( ISP is lame! :P


some ISP i've seen in Swe. it got 5 IP for one person, so they can have vhost for 5 IPs. UK just greedy with money plus, my goverment refuse to cover the payment for internet access.


Well, thats a life.


you could always setup an ipv6 tunnel and you'd be able to reverse that. the tunnels brokers give you ownership of your ip about 99.99% of the time ....




but g'luck with that, it takes a wee bit of work to get all of that stuff working corectly.


Quote:you could always setup an ipv6 tunnel and you'd be able to reverse that.  the tunnels brokers give you ownership of your ip about 99.99% of the time ....
I would like to try the IPv6 but, I can't make any tunnle due to my router barried the ports/, i've tried to open the port but it still not working. i contact to Netgear company to ask them about it, they told me that the Netgear RP114 don't support IPv6 :(


Its a bit nasty to forward the port, you have to forward protocol 41.

Its not actually a port you have to forward, its a type of traffic.


Contact netgear they may have some new firmware that can do it.


otherwise, get a linux box, and put that as your firewall, you'd have more power then one of those dinky little $100 routers anyways. and its funner to play with.


If there any Verizon DSL customers out there... They will set you up with your own PTR (reverse dns) under the following...


1. you sign up for Verizon Business Class DSL with a static ip (its really not that much more expensive)

2. after thats setup you call Verizon Online and ask to speak to the Mannaged Messeging Department and explain to them you would like to set up a PTR record for your domain.


Ive had to deal with them on a number of occations, the staff is really nice, however... many of them do NOT know what the hell you're talking about. With a little luck, you will get the right person who will know and be able to set you up :)


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