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Hi all..


I am a new linux user but an old windows user... (I think most people are)


I am taking a class in Linux Admin... and hope to learn a LOT with fedora..


if you have any questions for me...

my e-mail is:




see you all in the forums


Hi, Will - welcome to the forums!


In terms of questions - if people have questions for you, hopefully they'll post them here (rather than by email) so that others can learn by your answers. However, if you're new to Linux then.. well.. this is the place to ask YOUR questions!


Good luck with the classes. Just remember: Linux ain't Windows... as a long-term Windows user, you're probably used to specific functionality and have certain expectations. Allow your mind to be open and receptive to the differences (not saying that the differences are *better* - just.. "different"..!) and you'll gain lots - even if what you learn is how NOT to do things!


Hope you enjoy your stay here.


Well my class starts on Mon... its an Online class...


The books that was sent to me was for Fedora core... (gasp) 2....


I am going to e-mail the teacher mon & see if I can use something a tad more ..Ummmm


Up to Date ;) (maybe 14)


We will see how it goes....


in the mean time I am installing the DVD version of core 2 on a Virtual Machine...

I am running wireless & I doubt that core 2 even know about athlon :( so with the virtual

box I am faking a hardwire to the net...



Hi Will, welcome to the forums! :)As Dave has already said, if you have any questions, or have anything you want to share with others (guides, tips etc.) please do contribute in the relevant sections! Hope to see you around. :)
Welcome to the forums Will. Enjoy yourself :)

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