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So, a guy walks into a bar, and it's just him and the bar tender. He orders a drink.


The bartender walks away and is making the fellows drink when he hears "nice pants."


Astounded the fellow asked the bartender if he said anything. "No, I didn't say a word sir" said the bartender.


So he receives is drink and continues to think about the day. The guy hears "Nice shirt."


This time with a little hesitation he decides that he's not going to ask the bartender.


He's looking around and see's a fellow walk in and sit down at the end of the bar, far enough away to where he can't really have a conversation. After peering around the bar, he hears another voice.


"Nice shoes" The voice says.


This time the man is in a fury and yells to the bartender, I can't believe that you are saying you aren't saying anything. It's you and I, and I'm not saying anything.


At that time, the bartender says, "Oh, it must be the complimentary peanuts."


Badda Boom!

That one went right over my head... o_O
Okay, okay... So I'm not a good joke teller. [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_mad.gif[/img]

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