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Microsoft Windows Admin

January 5th I walk into a new corporate office, new faces, new jobs status, and a new administration position. Not sure what is going to transpire out of this new position, but I feel that it was a step that was needed.


December 9th 2003, I had given my resignation to my boss, the date is set for January 2nd 2003. It's amazing how people respond when they know you are actually leaving. I've felt both kindness, and the opposite. Sad when you give a company your life, and your technical abilities to transform their way of work, and the gratitude is almost non-existant.


My emotions have played a roll in the leaving of my current place of employment. Although I have transformed the network, and server side of this company, I have felt that it's time for me to leave. I will be leaving a position where I over see the whole IT department. Run the budget, purchase the servers, you name it I do it. I was a part of it all. I paid the bills, ran the backups, did some programming. Now I must leave, to have a "regular job."


This new position is, yes none other than an, Microsoft Server administrator. I have the oppertunity to work for a corporation server team. I am going to be one of the "new guys". The "Go-Fer" as some may put it. The bottom, the very sole of the foot of IT.


The technical ability is there, and I have the desire to move up, but the thought of starting at the bottom and working up to the top again has given me some doubts, and maybe some worries. Not to mention Linux is almost non-existent in this new company.


Linux administration has made my email life at my current place of employment an ease. I have had little to almost no trouble with it at all. It's still running, it would have been running with 0 reboots, or anything for almost 1.5 years if I had not upgraded the kernel. As we know, security calls for updates.


I will miss that more than anything I believe. Hope is there, for I may be able to have them impliment a new branch of Linux administration, maybe I can work my way to over see that department. Who knows, but I will strive to move Linux into the workplace envirionment. I hope it follows. I do.


Anyway, As I reach another chapter in my career I hope that it's well worth the decision to leave a comfortable spot. I do hope it's worth the time that I spend frustrated in making a new transition. I have all the hope and belief that it will be well worth it, but inside there is still a bit of disbelief and maybe some discomfort. [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ph34r.png[/img]

New beginnings are always full of doubts and hopes. I am sure you will be fine, just keep your head up when times are down.

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