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To installl Fluxbox in Red Hat 9 (or 8.0) do this:

I've installed fluxbox ( in Red Hat 9 and Red Hat 8.0 and for those of you who haven't tried it yet perhaps now is the time :)


If you want to install Fluxbox in Fedora then read this instead


Fluxbox is perfect for those with old video cards... and new video cards too ;)


To installl Fluxbox in Red Hat 9 (or 8.0) do this:-

First go here (click on the link)




Once you are done, gunzip it and then untar it to some local folder.


cd to the folder you have untar'd it in and do this:-




then login as su and do






make install


Now you probably want to add fluxbox to the 'session' part of your login screen in Red Hat 9.


To do that, login as su and do:-


cd /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions

cp GNOME Fluxbox

vi Fluxbox


Leave the first line alone and change the second line so that it now just reads


exec fluxbox


save by doing




Logout of Gnome (or whatever) and now, at the graphical login screen click on 'sessions' you'll see Fluxbox listed there alongside Gnome/Kde etc...


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