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Releasing beta code for selected customers (ZFS to Linux)

KQ Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is responsible for spamming many Linux forums. Being a clueless company, KQ believes that spamming forums advertising the company's capabilities will raise awareness of the company and drive visitors to their site. We are also firm believers in talking about ourselves in the third person, because it sounds more unbiased.


KQ’s expertise in understanding how customers react to their first post contributing nothing of value to any forums greatly undermines any standing they have in the Linux community. After dedicated effort, we have finally created a product that is available for the selected beta customers, but rather than alert those selected beta customers by using an email circular or our own customer forums, we feel the best way of communicating this information is to spam the hell out of every forum possible. Please log on to our website to apply to become one of these selected beta customers in the vain hope you will be selected, despite the fact we have already mentioned we have selected them so you've missed the boat, I'm afraid, but we can still demonstrate how effective spamming forums is. We don't work like most open-source communities that put their products live on sourceforge or available for public testing, we require that you jump through hoops to register yourself through the beta form in order to get the code for testing. Once you fill the form, we have your details, and one of our representatives will be contacting you by spamming forums once again.


As we are selecting a batch of 25 beta customers from different testing environments, please await until we get at least this number, since we have no beta testers nor public forums of our own. To allow proper support bandwidth for beta customers, we have limited the batch to 25, because we are crap at capacity planning and have no concept of using anything like torrents or network peering to make the data available. We would be increasing the bandwidth as and by the beta matures, because we treat you as paying customers, and not as testers, so expect to pay something to cover the cost of our bandwidth. We are in the process of selecting our first batch of customers, so please register yourself through the form now, otherwise we won't have any testers (sorry, customers) to run our tests.


Thank all search engines for indexing this forum post, and for showing just how many times KQ has spammed numerous forums and had their post pulled.

If it looks like spam, and smells like spam....

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