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Cant install Mint or Studio as dual-boot?


Im completely new to linux (other than trying a live cd), Ive been trying to install Linux Mint (on my dads PC) and Ubuntu Studio (on my PC) alongside Windows 10 following instructions on various web-pages...where I get stuck is when it tells me to select the FREE SPACE on the windows drive, it does not display the free space on the drives, it does show 2 lots of free space as 0MB and 1MB on the windows drive on both mine and my dads PC's - two seperate installations/instructions and exactly the same issues?

all I can do is install it directly as a lone OS on a drive, Iam a noob and unfamiliar with linux partitioning etc

can anyone help me install linux alongside windows 10?




Hi and welcome to Linux-Noob.

Usually install windows 10 first then Linux. The Grub (bootloader) will add Windows 10 in bootloader list. 

Newer computer using UEFI instead of BIOS. 

This will explain you how to do it: 

Hope this helps and good luck :)


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