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Startup Script

I am having loads of trouble in my efforts with getting a startup script to run. I am using SUSE 10. I looked at the skeleton script provided in /etc/boot.d/ and it's pretty complicated, so I didn't go with that. I just have a simple script that I want to run at bootup. I tried adding it using "chkconfig --add /path/script" but I get error "unknown service". I've tried everything imagineable. I added the script to boot.d, no good. I added it into boot.local, no good. I'm pulling my hair out here. This should be simple right?


The script is executable.


The script works when run manually.


All paths in the script are typed out.


Can someone please tell me how to make a script run at bootup with SUSE 10?


have you tried adding it at /etc/rc.d/rc.local




Firstly, you'll need to decide *when* in the boot sequence it'll run. Take a look in the /etc/init.d directory for a list of scripts that are used to start/stop services.


If you want this script to run as a service, you'll need to create a startup/shutdown script like one of those (I've taken and edited many of those to create my own).


You'll note that the comment mention something like: "# chkconfig: 2345 08 92" - this means when you use "chkconfig --add" it will set the script to run in sequence number 8 (before networking) when starting, etc.


Once the startup/shutdown script is written, SuSE can run it as a service by controlling it in the normal manner.


If you need a hand writing the script, yell back here - I can copy one of mine.


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