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hello from ann arbor, michigan usa. looks like i registered here awhile back but never hung around. sorry, not sure why. too busy elsewhere on the web i reckon. the recent pm spam issue proves that notifications still work and pulled me out of the web matrix, lol. now i'm gonna hang around and post stuff. hope y'all don't mind. good stuff only, i promise.


i have lots of reading to catch up with and it looks like there's lots of great info.


i'm a 54 year old dood going on 20. i don't work professionally with or around computers but rather just spend all of my free time trolling the internet and exploring linux distros. i quit the ms winduhs scene about 4 years ago and am now a firm believer in free and open source software. the richard stallman school of thought so to speak.

i've learned a lot about linux in 4 years and spend lots of time exploring distros in virtualbox. i just love playing with all the distros. it's never boring, it ticks me off sometimes but it's never boring. :)


i'm currently running mandriva 2008.1 with kde 3.5. i don't care for kde4 and refuse to upgrade to it. i just plain don't understand it.


ok, let me do some reading.

welcome cybermoron good to see you here ! again :)

Welcome back, fellah!


And good to see that age has no barriers - you can still learn something new!


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