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fedora ten on acer aspire one sound issuses ):
a few days ago i decided i was bored with the pre installed linpus distro on my aspire one, so i decided to download fedora ten KDE with a usb stick. everything is running fine except for my sound. i've looked at several guides for making the sound work but i am not that experienced with command line and such as i really need someone to explain it a bit better for a noob like me to understand. any help would be much appreciated as i really want to get the whole system running smoothly.
hi and welcome, what soundcard does your system have ?

I got my daughter an Acer Aspire One for Xmas. I put Fedora 10 on it. Never had a single problem with the sound. It worked out of the box. My only issue is the front speakers keep working when the headphones are plugged in, quite annoying when she watches high school musical over, and over and over and over.....


Anyway, I used the Gnome Live CD image. I would suspect its more a pulse audio / KDE issue than a sound driver one. Are you fully updated?


To find out information about your devices, try the following in a command prompt:


dmesg (may get lots of output)




Somewhere in the first one there should be some lines pertaining to the type of sound card you have. Try "dmesg | more" to read it a page at a time (space bar = next page, Q to quit from reading).


If "lsdev" doesn't work, you may need to install the "procinfo" package ("yum install procinfo") first.


If you have a graphical desktop, it may be worthwhile firing up something like the Hardware Browser to examine what your sound devices are (or at least, what Fedora10 believes them to be)

I had purchased acer laptop few months ago....The laptop runs smoothly except sound.I've looked at several guides for making the sound work but i am not that experienced .I really want that whole system run smoothly please anyone suggest me

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