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asante al1611
hi guys, i have have an intel inspiron 3800 with an asante al1611 wireless card. i want to get it working under arch linux, but according to and the asante web site, there is no linux driver for it, but i saw on that some guy used the .inf file which came with the cd ( using ndiswrapper 1.1 driver to get it working. i REALLY want to use arch instead of windows 2000. thnx in advance! but its most likely impossible to get it working without any driver for linux.
have you had a look at the ndiswrapper howto's in the wireless/networking section here ?
okay. i put the .inf and .sys files onto my usb, copied both of them to /home/wireless, (im doing this as root, i was intending to make my own user after getting the wireless working) did ndiswrapper -i /home/wireless/<something>8180.inf. gives me no output. then, i dont ndiswrapper -l, and it says: <something>8180.inf : invalid driver! i dont know what im doing wrong. i used the same driver to get card working on windows 2000. the .inf and .sys have different names, just to let u know. thnx in advance. sorry i didnt put this thread in the wireless section:)

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