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Linux Noob with Mint Olivia Cinnamon installed on Sony Vaio P-Series... HELP!

Hi all,


I am completely new to Linux, but have some how managed to install (from USB) Linux Mint Olivia Cinnamon onto my Sony Vaio VGN-P11Z, which I am aware is a somewhat awkward, niche piece of hardware at the best of times.


My aim is to optimise it a bit and then install a few bits of software. It's rather laggy at the mo, and I'm pretty sure I need video drivers for the GMA 500 graphics. How do I install drivers?! I'm reading webpages talking about 'Additional Drivers' in 'Admin', which aren't even there on my install. :/


Is there somewhere I can learn the basic of driver installs etc for Linux, and this version in particular. I'm not having too much luck in my web searches.


Sorry for waffling.




Hello EasyE209,


And welcome to the forums. Sorry for the late reply, but the forums aren't that active. With most distros most of the drivers work out of the box, the "Additional Drivers" option you are talking about should be in the menu somewhere. If can't find it under: system tools or preferences try looking under "All".  When it comes to sound drivers most of them should work out of the box also, but you may have to configure/set what sound card you would want to use, I think under mint there should be sound options under "preferences" and then sound and play around with it there. What els are you having problems with?


[Image: linux-mint-menu2.jpg]

Under Mint 15(Olivia) that option of "addition drivers" is under: preferences --> driver manager.

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