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cant boot ater upgrading to a new kernel

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Hey guys, i have compiled new kernel couple of days ago,, and everything went good, no errors. after reboot my lilo loaded, i did see my new kernel there, since i have configured lilo before, picked my new kernel, and it is starting to boot, it iwll go to a screen where it is starting to load modules, and right after that i am starting to see a colored lines across my screen, and there is more and more of them, and after a minute they are filling out my whole screen and i cant see anything but those colored lines :( i know one thing for sure it is not gettgin to startx, and before i notices that those lines started to appear as soon as my wireless module was executed, so i thought that was a problem, i removed that kernel, and reconfigured my config where i have excluded ipw2200bg modules, and other wireless support, recompiled again.... rebooted...... SAME THING!!! driving me nuts, i have tryed everything that i know, and nothing works, please help


i am using slackware 10.2

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copy the .config from the /usr/src/linux-??? of your previous kernel in to the /usr/src/linux dir of your new kernel.


In the new kernel's dir, run make oldconfig. If there are differences between the config of the old kernel and the new kernel, the script will prompt you for each of them and offer you the choice of Yes/No/Module (where applicable) for each of them. Answer them all and at the end, the script will write you a new .config.


After that completes, run make menuconfig and make any additional changes you need/want to make for the new kernel.


Then make && make install_modules etc


One suggestion, when changing to a new kernel, if you have other changes you need to make, make them one at a time and compile and boot into your new kernel at each step. If you make several changes and one of them breaks the system, it is sometimes hard to figure out which caused the break.



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Hi guys, i was looking through my topics and found this one :) the reason why this was happening is i was setting clocl too high it should of being set at 250 and it was set to 1000 instead. i didnt try to ssh into my box, reason for this is that my ssh module was not loading on startup, i disabled that, at least it was disabled on that time. Recently i installed Slack11 on and i compiled second kernel 2.6.19, everything works great. if someone needs xorg, or .config i wuuld be more than glad to share :) thanks for your help guys

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