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Strictly speaking, not an issue with Xorg per se - more with Compiz/Fusion, and more under Fedora 10 specifically.


Firstly, waste some time here.


Now: I want the same functionality I had in Beryl now in Compiz. What are the options, and does Fed 10 actually honour those under Compiz Config Manager? It seems there's some settings it will ignore.

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Is a better and more up to date package made by a fedora forum user. It also comes with the plug-ins. Make sure you remove the fedora compiz-fusion first.


Fedora Forums


Rotating cube via mouse wheel will be a setting in compiz-manager. I think the settings program is called 'ccsm'. The above guide includes the compiz-fusion icon for easy access.

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I tried adding those repos before and it clashed with some existing files... but I hadn't removed compiz-fusion first (I probably didn't read that forum thread too closely). I'll give that a go, cheers!


CCSM is just the "CompizConfig Settings Manager" - it appears as an icon in Preferences>Look And Feel menu once "gnome-compiz-manager" or so is installed. However, not all settings applied in there seem to "take".


I had a bit more success with launching it via fusion-icon (essentially the CCSM settings actually *took*) so could get transparent cubing, wheel rotating, etc... but X froze on me twice. I'll report what happened with a quick blog edit later, then persevere with your suggestions.


Thanks for that info!

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