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Sick to death of windows! Grrrr *tears hair out*

Cheers anyweb, will check that out sometime :)


Quote:I've installed Fedora Core 4 for the first time. Appears to be working fine except for 1 annoying error that comes up everytime I start it. 

"No Volume Control Elements and/or devices fouond"

I would just like to add...


The above error only occurs when I sign in as a user account (this error doesn't come up when I sign in as root)


Any idea's why? It's got me baffled o_O


Quote:"No Volume Control Elements and/or devices found"

Digging around the fedora mailing lists I found two possible methods to solve this:


Method 1:

$ su -
# gst-register-0.8


Method 2:

$ su -
# rm -rf /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/apps/panel/applets/mixer/


(note the $ represents the user shell and should not be typed, equally the # represents the root shell and again should not be typed :))


Hope that solves it :P

Yep, that's done the trick! Thank you! :):):):):):):):)

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