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Damn, ninja'd my post before I had a chance to delete it!

You think it could be a java issue? (rather than flash/video?)


Quote:Damn, ninja'd my post before I had a chance to delete it!

You think it could be a java issue? (rather than flash/video?)
Possibly could always try a re-load or try a different browser.

What games do you play on facebook. I could try to play one of them to see if it works for me. Cuz I only have flash installed and been able to play all the facebook games so far. Including farmville, castle ville and several others.
castleville is the one she is into at the moment.
I've played castleville under linux and it uses flash and I've had no problems with it.

If you go to Additional Drivers (you can click the Ubuntu button and search for it), do you see any options for installing the 'fglrx' driver (catchy name, huh)?


[Image: 5320866_f260.jpg]


If it shows up there, try clicking Activate to install the full, proprietary driver, and you might find that the video performance with Flash is much improved.


Image is from this guide, which might help.

I will try that brb...

No dice...


Installed driver and it wants me to run aticonfig --initial and I run it but is says: aticonfig: No supported adapters detected interesting. It also says it wants me to save my x windows configuration what ever that means.


Edit: Turns out I have the cheesey on boards graphics car not the ATI. It is an intel and intel's website basically say we give generic driver to linux developers so thats where you have to go to get support or you can download the source code and do it yourself.


However I did a re-install of firefox and now it plays wonderfully.


Glad you got it working :) Usually it's fairly easy to install a driver yourself. Think you need gcc and kernel-headers and build essential.


sudo apt-get install kernel-headers gcc build-essential


Then your drivers are usually driver.tar.gz file:


tar -zxvf driver.tar.gz


Then you usually have a HELP or INSTALL file which tell you what to do. Usualy you only have to do the following.


Go to the terminal:


cd /path/to/driver/folder


after running this command it'll check if all requirements are met in order to install the package. libraries etc. if something is missing you'll get an error saying what it's missing and what you need to continue.

make compiles the source and this installs it

make install Can't remember if I'm right but I think you can use this to make a rpm or deb file from your compiled source


And usually the HELP file or INSTALL file have more specific details as in what options you have for: configure make make install


And some for example ATI and Nvidia usually have some sort of driver on their website that are files


download them: chmod o+x chmod o+x is used to change that rights that you the owner of the file has execute rights.


Then go to terminal and then navigate to where you have it downloaded; cd /home/user/Downloads

sudo ./ and your installer will start.


Hope that helps

Anyone know a good theme editor for ubuntu?

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