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Hi My name is joseph I live in central Ohio and I study network administration and work in IT doing server maintenance. I have been toying with Linux for years but as I get closer to finishing my degree and aquiring more certs it's about time to buckle down and learn *nix. Eventually I'd like to get the CompTIA Linux+ cert. I know a very few comands from getting the Network+ cert but really not enough to run and maintain a linux envioroment. The goal being to dump windows all together and run in Nix.
Hey Joseph. Welcome to the forums :)You've come to the right place. We're not a large community but we are friendly and we do like the help. Some advice about learning linux, things I've been discovering myself since I started. It's not about just learning, it's about doing and learning. For example you can read alot of information about Linux on the net or get documentation from the the net. But the actually understand how it works and get the hang of it. The best way of learning is to setup small projects. Like setting up a webserver, figuring out how you install the needed things, how to configure it etc. Als linux has a build in manual. So basically to find out information about a linux command you type in the terminal(commandline) man command. ie: man ls . Of course feel free to ask away cuz that's what the forums are for :)Cheers!

As my esteemed colleague mentioned up there
  • Linux is about doing as well as reading - helps you learn

  • There's a lot of useful information on this forum that can assist you in what you want to do

  • There's plenty of information out there, on the internet and in books - it's just a matter of investing in the time to research

  • Welcome to the forums, you've come to the right place!

... but not necessarily in that order!

Anyway.. get yourself a test box setup, pull up and chair and let us help you!

Thanks guys I already have Ubuntu dual booted on both my home PC's. I even got my wife using it but having an issue with the java games not displaying in facebook. Once I solve that my wife will be on board with linux. So far ubuntu is proving to be very strait forward.

I'm pretty sure you need flash for facebook games cuz I play some facebook games myself.

I don't us ubuntu but an rpm based distro. but I think you can install flash via de terminal. accesoires ->terminal

Then type: sudo apt-get install flash. If that doesn't work you may need to edit your sources.

Sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list ctrl+o to save but cant remember what flash sources are out of my head. you can also download the .deb file from the macro website and install. typing this from a mobile phone that's the best I can do for now.


I had an issue with flash under 64-bit ubuntu 10.04 which required a bit of fiddling to get working, then more fiddling once I upgraded to 10.10.


However, I've just recently built a 10.10 box for SWMBO and apt pulled down the latest Firefox n Flash quite happily from the default sources (well, a version of flash that hasn't had the missus complaining that Facebook games don't work, so I presume it's all fine).


What version of Ubunny are you on? 11?


I have flash installed just fine. Just the video performance of the game is terrible. It loads the game to the right and off the window and when you drag it it streaks.


I am on version 11.1p x64 on both machines. The Javas just doesnt render the game graffics correctly. When I get home I'll do a screen cap to explain it better.

okay, this could be a video driver (module) issue. What GPU are you running?

It's an nvedia on the laptop, I'm posting from linux now let we change OS's and see the exact specs on the card. I know under system info for video it says unknown.


Edit: here is the video card: ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5650<sup>6</sup>


<sup>Downloaded and installed the actual linux driver from ati and still same issue </sup>:(<sup></sup>


Quote:Was going to say that ubuntu has an "unofficial" supported nvidia driver - I added it on Logan (new 10.10 box) and it worked a treat.

Not sure if that's the one you have. I'll check version numbers tomorrow.
Youtube videos and such load just fine it's just the games on facebook. But really it isnt a huge issue wife is getting a tablet and we can still dual boot. So fr ubuntu has been very easy to get a long with. It does tend to get laggy at times but as I understand it this is the first realise of the desktop enviorement.


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