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Configuring/using webalyzer



Yea I noticed the damn Ads :( they keep bombarding me :( anyways I wanted to post about webalizer!


ok here goes...


I started doing webalizer myself this week on my web server and I got to says is been a pain.

I edited the /etc/webalizer.conf and change the OutPutDir but with no luck it did not like it

anyways the only way around this was to leave he output directory alone.


So anyweb to install and use webalizer do the following steps.


First you will want to install webalizer


yum -y install webalizer


Once installed open up /etc/webalizer.conf with your favorite editor and uncomment and change the following



LogFile        /var/log/httpd/linux-noob-access_log
OutputDir      /var/www/usage #anyweb dont touch this because it will not produce the output
ReportTitle    Usage Statistics for
CountryGraph    yes
DailyGraph      yes
DailyStats      yes
HourlyGraph     yes
HourlyStats     yes


Once you have done that type the following:


webalizer -c /etc/webalizer.conf


The data will not be placed into /var/www/usage in your web browser type:


you should see the stats if you done edit the following file:




Well that


thay seem to be getting pritty bad. and just downright annoying



until i get webalizer to work those annoying ads will remain (sorry)


ive followed xdamox's howto and nothings working right,


my apache was compiled from source and is located in /usr/local/apache


if you check [/url][url=]


you'll see a whole lot of nothing...


my logs are /usr/local/apache/logs/access_log


help ?





ok with the help of znx and kobras got it working


you can check it out here




however i do notice that there is no page showing referrer's such as this one from nedstat....




i'd really like to have that functionality with webalizer, so is it possible ? anyone know ?







Anyweb I am at uni so Ic ant find the exact bit in the webalizer config but I am very sure

it can produce them.


webstat4u counter now removed, there goes my years of data :(


so you guys can surf here with no popups, dont blame me, blame that crappy company that took over nedstat...


anyway, i STILL need someone to help me show the referral links in webalizer as so far it's not showing me that data








yay :) no more pop ups when I get home on thursday Ill have a good look around for you

also Ill be joing the uptime project :)




Anyweb did a little research:


Top Table Options



This allows you to specify how many "Top" referrers are

displayed in the "Top Referrers" table. The default is

30. If you want to disable the referrers table, specify

a value of zero (0). The display of referrer information

will only work if your web server includes this


Show All

The All* keywords allow the display of all URL's, Sites, Referrers


still not working...


see this


Quote:# The All* keywords allow the display of all URL's, Sites, Referrers# User Agents, Search Strings and Usernames. If enabled, a seperate

# HTML page will be created, and a link will be added to the bottom

# of the appropriate "Top" table. There are a couple of conditions

# for this to occur.. First, there must be more items than will fit

# in the "Top" table (otherwise it would just be duplicating what is

# already displayed). Second, the listing will only show those items

# that are normally visable, which means it will not show any hidden

# items. Grouped entries will be listed first, followed by individual

# items. The value for these keywords can be either 'yes' or 'no',

# with the default being 'no'. Please be aware that these pages can

# be quite large in size, particularly the sites page, and seperate

# pages are generated for each month, which can consume quite a lot

# of disk space depending on the traffic to your site.


AllSites yes

AllURLs yes

AllReferrers yes

AllAgents yes

AllSearchStr yes

AllUsers yes

any ideas ?


is the reason this >


[root@localhost ~]# ls /usr/local/apache/logs/

access_log agent_log error_log referer_log



to generate my 'usage' report i'm using the 'access_log'


should I be using the 'referer_log' instead ? or can i combine them ?






ok after much reading here




and experimenting with options it seems that your httpd.conf file must use the combined log format in order for webalizer to display 'referers' correctly


that was my issue, my httpd.conf was setup to log the files in separate logs as listed above, now i've edited httpd.conf and set the format to combined


a quick restart of httpd and all should be good :)





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