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Configuring/using webalyzer
What's up with the ads? They are certainly an ugly thing!

Quote:What's up with the ads?  They are certainly an ugly thing!

unfortunately the network statistic box provided by netstat has been taken over by another company called webstats4u. this new company seems to have no worries about dumping popups on people.


i have to say that i never noticed at all, i run NoScript and AdBlock on my firefox install and thus never experienced the change. however others have already indicated this..


not much you can do when a good company sells out. im sure anyweb will find another network statistic provider and replace it.


yup unfortunately znx is correct,


what a dam shame


read this


Quote:Advertising on webstats4u?  

Webstats4U is a 100% FREE version for all webmasters. In order to finance the maintenance, hosting, new developments and to continue providing you with the world's best FREE web analytics tool in the market, Webstats4U will accept advertising sponsorships on its reporting site and will from time to time accept other types of advertising sponsorships. Some of you have asked questions about what this means in practice.


We will keep sponsorships at a reasonable level and always bear the user experience in mind by serving campaigns from respected quality brands and using strict frequencycapping. This means that users will not be exposed to the same ad several times and, most importantly that no-one gets bombarded with unwanted ads. Typically we would expect a user to see an ad no more than once or twice per week on your site.


These advertising sponsorships will appear from time to time and can appear as a pop-under advertisement or slide-in flash format, but rest assured that nothing will be implemented directly into your website like banners, buttons or links. We maintain a strict code of conduct relating to the types of advertising we will accept and ensure that in no circumstances can inappropriate material appear on unrelated content sites.

so i guess its time to try something else,


any recommendations ?

Well... considering that we are using our own server, why not pop in some of my friends? They're called webalizer and awstats! :)[img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img]
ok anyone got a quick howto for webalizer in fedora core 4 ?
Perhaps reading the FAQ would help: [/url][url=]

Quote:Well... considering that we are using our own server, why not pop in some of my friends?  They're called webalizer and awstats! :)[img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img]


nice friends ;)


sadly i dont have time or energy to implement anything new on the site right now,


once i do get the chance, i will, and that'll also include IPB upgrade to the latest version.





if i get the chance to do this this weekend i will, are any of you willing to support me in setting this up ? is there any way of carrying the data saved for the last number of years from nedstat ? or am i sod out of luck


the only reason i use nedstat is because its reporting is actually very good, and gives me a good idea of who is coming here and why


i hate the popups too, so i guess i have to do something about it...


i dont want people to think this site is selling popups !!! that would suck, as i certaintly don't want that





Don't know if this would help, but I recently found [/url][url=], and they don't popup on you even with a free account, let alone a paid for one.


Just an idea. :)


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