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A Lesson in Etiquette

During a good manners and etiquette class, the teacher says to her

students, "If you were courting a well educated young girl from a

prominent family and during a dinner for two you needed to go to the

toilet, what would you say to her?


Mike replies, "Wait a minute, I'm going for a piss."

The teacher says, "That would be very rude and improper on your part."


Charlie replies, "I'm sorry I need to go to the toilet, I'll be back in

a minute."


The teacher says, "That's much better but to mention the word ''toilet''

during a meal, is unpleasant."


Little Johnny raises his hand and says, "My dear, please excuse me for a

moment. I have to go shake hands with a personal friend, whom, I hope,

to be able to introduce to you after dinner."


The teacher fainted!

Hahahah! [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img]

[img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img] where do you get these.. hehehehe
keep em coming, these are jokes
i think we need to retitle P38 to Jokemiester
HAHA :P[img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img]

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