Poll: Do you want advertisements on linux-noob.com ?
definetly not !
i'll donate via paypal to keep it ad-free !!!!
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do you want advertisements on linux-noob.com

do you want advertisements on linux-noob.com ?


if you have not noticed, since linux-noob.com was launched back in december 11 2003, not ONE advertisement has appeared.


that is what i want it to remain like, but i gotta pay for it somehow :)


so thoughts please.....





how many registered users have $5 in thier pocket? think aboiut it....

all of them


but the ones who donated amount to less than 0.5 % of them


sad really...



id contribute money, but i cant be bothered signing up to paypal

send me a letter


snail mail works even today in 2004





Well I am not sure how much 5 or 10 dollars canadian would be in sweden but I could probablly pull that off :)just let me know when your back hehe problem same as Mike no paypal :( ...

Honestly I don't care too much if there are advertisements, but if they're not those annoying pop-ups, but just messages on the sides, or banners on the top or bottom of pages I think that you should do it anyweb, keeps www.linux-noob.com online, and doesn't annoy too much.



Advertisements suck. I vote no , however im also one of those assholes who hasnt contributed monetarily to the site. I don't have pay pal and with my credit rating i'll never have it(i can't even get a bank account), But i've gotten alot of help from this site and if your willing to take an american money order i think i could swing 10-20 bucks to help support the cause. Another idea might be to whip up some t-shirts or stickers and sell em onsite. shirts are cheap and have a great markup value.


I agree with tek, I think selling some shirts would be cool! You can look into cafe press I beleive is the name of the company that does everything for ya and you collect the cash in the end! Plus, I know sporting shirts in itself advertise alot too!

That's a good idea!




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