Poll: what is your favorite X window manager
don't know ?
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what is your favorite window manager

cmon tell the world what DM you use


i use gnome mostly but like fluxbox and XPde,




anyweb :)

me use Gnome, not bother with outhers but i also use gdesklets, it rox :)
I use Dropline Gnome

Dropline GNOME? How be it? Never heard of it, but I love all the things that GNOME has, like Wireless Monitor and desklets. Whee!



I use gnome on my desktop computer (which i use for IRC, web, ect...) and fluxbox on my server. I love them both.
I am sure you probably knew that already, espcially considering that post was like 5 months old.
started in kde... went to flux.... floating into gnome.. fell back into kde ;) still... i have to admit that i'm pretty much a cli head.. dont really use X that much...

I have tried almost all of them. If you want the bare minimum, go with Ratpoison. If you want the most developed and stable, go with KDE.


For the "most for your money" or the best compromise between speed and resource utilization, Fluxbox would be for you.


Of course, all of this is my opinion.


I am along the same line as P38. I have tried almost all of them, but the one that I feel most comfortable in is Fluxbox. Flux gives me everything I need for a GUI.


The only reason why I use a GUI is for web browsing, that is about it. So since fluxbox is very small, and is not processor intensive, I have decided to stay with this window manager.


Anyway, I am not opposed to any of them, except maybe blackbox, just because it is identical to fluxbox, but less functional. If you like commandline, but want browsing capabilities, fluxbox, it's GRAND!

Gnome for me considering its the best windows manager on the face of the planet HooRaaaY!!!! Gnome

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