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anti-virus software
which one is the best anti-virus?? i think i might need one for my machine "just in case" so any suggesation??? so far i know of one... panda software. so any other better than that or what?

i use norton antivirus on all my windows boxes, usually norton antivirus 2003/2004 or symantec corporate edition


works good enough...






With all due respect to anyweb; I do not like Norton. Many people including I do not like it for it super-ram-hogging; which slows down the PC a lot.

A computer expert told me; Norton works like this: it has a database with all the viruses that it will find during a scan. It also has a engine, the scanning part. Some viruses have been able to located and delete this database, because the scanner find viruses that are written in the database, now, if a virus clears the database, the scanner is essentially finding nothing.


I have read a recent article suggesting Kaspersky is the best AV software this year with something like 97% viruses found including spyware, rootkit etc.

I use avg free nowadays, the post above was a few years ago ! :)

Use Avast Home Edition..its FREE!!

and it good.

good+free you can't beat that.

also get spybot S&D and protowall.

Smart Security/ENOD32 is good too
for many years if got Avast! Antivirus free and Spybot Search & Destroy for my security and the whole year if got just one Virus, and it was my one fault... i think, avast! is the best... also says diverent testers :)
nowadays I use Microsoft Security Essentials, its quiet, does it job and works very well, I uninstalled AVG as it just got extremely annoying with its' never ending popups which were as annoying as virus's themselves

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