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Car MP3 player.

I have given a lot of thought about this project. I think that I would like to go ahead and move forward with this.


Final Product:

A fully functional mp3 player for my car. That shuts down when ignition shuts off, and starts up when ignition starts. I want it to pick up where it left off. Starting off with the last song played is okay, but not prefered.



Currently I have a Toshiba P150 32mb ram. This has a tiny keyboard with ps2 eraser tip mouse. I would love to have this as my keyboard/mouse. I also have a 12-13" LCD that I would like to mount underneath my current stereo. Everything else, can be changed.


If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.


[Image: ss04.jpg]




[Image: ss4.jpg]


Sounds cool and all but why? Why for one have a 12 inch screen on my dash, I need to keep my eyes on the f00ls in the road.


Two my cd player plays mp3's I find it hard to load a cd with 150 songs that I like as it is.


I would not want my lil 10 gig collection of mp3's in the car for me to fumble through. By the time I find something I will already be at work or my destination.


Just my 2 cents :)


all your questions answered


a well built mp3car system is not anymore of a hassle then changing cds in a cd changer. Plus mine did a lot more.


- wardriving

- GPS navigation with routing support

- TV during tailgating

- movies for passangers

- NES emulator for passangers

- interface to the ODBII port on my car

- so much more

Damn all that sounds awesome.. please tell more..
That system is PHAT! :) Do you use the pringles antennae for war driving B)
yes i do use the good ol pringles can
There used to be a project called the E.L.M.P. which stands for Embedded Linux Mp3 Player, but development on it slowed down a bit after a bunch of alternative mp3 suites showed up on the market, I think it'd be perfect for your system kZo. Do a search on google.

Excellent, thanks Lytes.


I'm really kind of wanting to move forward on this. I'm going to have some spare time to do some work on it soon. So.. <click> here I come.




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