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Flash for Chrome-pepper or not?

I'm running Mint 16 Petra using Chromium as the browser.

I'm not sure what the true problem is.

I can watch videos on the YouTube site just fine...

But, when I go to watch videos from other sites (Crackle or Wimp) or any embedded videos they come up all distorted and scrunched up with odd colors.

When I go to check my chrome flash plugins, I have two different versions.



Neither one is the "pepperflash" that I'm told that I need for Chronium.

Any idea how I can get this to work right?


Did you try to install flash manually? Cuz the opt directory usually  is a place where you install other software that is not really standard. With my experience with Mint, flash should be automatically be installed by default during the installation process. If two versions of flash are installed they might be in the way of each other.

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