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add 3D enabled nvidia drivers to SLED 10

if you register with Novell, then the nvidia drivers will be automagically added to yast download sources, however if you don't register with novell then you need to do the following:-



start up yast by


* click on Computer/More applications/System/yast


now that you are in the yast tool (enter the root password when prompted)


* click on 'Software' and then 'Installation Source', then click on 'Add'


add the following to the dialog box


Quote:Protocol: FTPServer Name: :

Directory on Server: novell
click accept to make the changes. 

Now take a wee pause, open up a terminal (console, try clicking on Computer/more applications/system/gnome terminal)


once in the terminal, lets find out what kernel we are running by typing


uname -r


the results should look like this (or similar, mine says SMP because of the hyperthreading CPU's)


Quote:anyweb@linux-j5hr:~> uname -r2.6.16.21-0.8-smp

Make a note of your kernel as next we want to get the nvidia drivers, so


* click on 'Software Management'



and search for the following


once found, select it by putting a 'check' mark in the empty box beside it 

next search for the following



Yast will probably list three kernels, choose the one that corresponds to the results from uname -r above (so in my case I chose the SMP kernel)


Select it, and click accept, then accept the nvidia license.


Once done, restart X (ctrl/alt/backspace) and notice any difference ? you can try and enable XGL now but remember to read the following first from [/url][url=]


Quote:NVIDIA / proprietary driver "nvidia" 

* OpenGL acceleration does not work well with Composite being active. This option in /etc/X11/xorg.conf should be disabled if it had been enabled before. Note: Xgl supports Composite anyway, even if it is disabled in xorg.conf. FBO's can be used with this driver instead of pbuffers for XVideo acceleration. Enable this by changing

DISPLAYMANAGER_XGL_OPTS="-accel glx:pbuffer -accel xv:pbuffer" to

DISPLAYMANAGER_XGL_OPTS="-accel glx:pbuffer -accel xv:fbo" in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager. (The Desktop Effects tool sets this option by default.)

see below :-) running xgl with Nvidia Geforce 6800GT and its so smooth :)







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