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And if you don't want to break your running system when trying/testing things out. You can install virtual machines. A well know virtual software packages is virtualbox

You can install the deb packages with the right architecture(x86 or amd64) and install via


sudo dpkg -i virtualbox.deb


or you in ubuntu you can also install straight from the command line cuz I think it's in the repositories via


sudo apt-get install virtuabox


What do you mean as in theme editor? As in you want to change your desktop themes?


You can change themes via I think preferences-->appearance-->themes

There you can customize the standard themes and you can also install downloaded themes for your desktop(kde,xfce,lxde,gnome)


And you also have compiz, where you can customize your desktop with all sorts of funky effects and visuals




Hey sorry for my long absence. I actually just finished a linux/unix seminar for work. Learned a lot but mostly how to navigate directories and get info about a system etc. I also through work got a few old IBM think centre and with some selective interchange ended up with a box having 1 gig of ram a 3ghz p3 and 40 gig hdd. I am running mint linux on mainly I have my usb external drives and sharing them out on the network with Samba. Here is a screenshot of the desktop. still working on it. My hd moniter has multiple inputs and allows you to togle and I think the resolution is about all the cheapo video card can handle. I also have both machines on the same desk and have to take car to use the correct keyboard and mouse as they are really close to each other. [Image: Screenshotat2012-02-20220729.png]


Gonna upgrade the ram payday to get a little more performance as I am used to my PC running 8 gigs of ram and a quad core amd chip. Eventually my other think center will end up as the DHCP server and fire wall for the entire home network. And this box will get a capture card to pull video off my cable and it will be my DVR of sorts I wil watch the videos through my ps3.

Welcome back! Looks nice. Looks like you're running Mint 12?
Topic went too much offtopic. I moved the last posts to a new topic in a more appropiate section.
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