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Hi everyone!
hi everyone, im Johan^^ and i live in sweden, my english is not perfect right now but i'm workin on it :P
Hi there and welcome to the forums. :)

hi Johan^^ and welcome to the forums !


i hope you enjoy your time here,


we are on IRC as well, join #linux-noob on EFNET






witch is the best of slackware and debian?!

my friends prefer slackware and i'm a total noob at linux...



i wouldnt recommend slackware or debian to a linux noob,


if you want to learn linux the easy way then try any of the following:-


fedora core release 4 - [/url]

Suse Linux OSS 10 -

Ubuntu -


slack and debian are really better suited to someone who has a year or more experience with linux and wants to get their hands 'dirty' so to speak


in the end though, the choice of what you install is entirely up to you


heres some linux screenshots that may help you to make up your mind







Quote:witch is the best of slackware and debian?!my friends prefer slackware and i'm a total noob at linux...


Welcome to the forums :)


If you are completely new, the best distros for newbies are Fedora (RPM based) and Ubuntu (DEB based).


Slackware is one of the oldest running standing Linux distros and as such still gives the feel of old skool linux (which is great for some of the longer users ;)) However the newer users can sometimes be a little lost with it.


Debian is another distro that whilst great for previous users of linux is does lack in certain areas, interestingly enough I feel that where Debian lacks for new users it is where Ubuntu picks it up.


So if you want a debian style distro try ubuntu.


Hej Johan!


Vad roligt att tr


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