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linux-noob improvements

Quote:Maybe a designated FAQ forum, just for the sticky threads (See gentoo.org). Having so many pinned threads - especially in Fedora (where I expect most noobs will be looking) - means brand new posts can be relegated to the second page of the forum where they are more likely to be overlooked.
True, I also don't like that. We should definitely change this. 

Quote:i havnt found any converter, and i don't intend to change this site if it means loss of data
Of course data loss is inacceptable. There's a converter on the phpBB website: [/url][url=http://www.phpbb.com/downloads.php]http://www.phpbb.com/downloads.php (IPB 1.x).


I am looking through that site and it's different styles.

I have yet to fiind a style that appeals to me - any suggestions?

It still has to remain that professional touch, not in purple or army or whatnot :P



please DON'T port to phpBB; it does no way near compare to IPB. If anything upgrade to IPB 2 if you can find a pre-release version.

NO! Anyweb! Keep this layout! It's s0000 simple!!






Hey all,


Well, personally, i think there should be a section (not a forum) with guides, maybe if you asked some people from The Linux Directory Resource?

Why not create a security were there is just tutorials but have a search feature to find them
There should be a SEARCH feature reardless, so that you can easily find what you are looking for by typing a word - instead of having to find it manually. Sometimes it's not all that easy to know where to look =)

there is an advanced search feature right here





Well there ya go! lol ;)

:) good to see the search feature

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