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Configuring/using webalyzer

fyi, i've manager to get the old webalizer data restored so that now the new server is also displaying the old webalizer stats,


it took a bit of experimentation, but to cut a long story short, copying the contents of


/var/lib/webalizer from the OLD machine to the NEW machine and running webalizer manually (sh /etc/cron.daily/00webalizer ) has merged the old/new data


Quote:[anyweb@www ~]$ ls /var/lib/webalizerdns_cache.db webalizer.current webalizer.hist

great !





reinstalled this again yesterday, and found another thing which needs to be changed


by default the /etc/cron.daily/00webalizer file looks for the access_log file in /var/log/httpd (i think) so if you have compiled apache or are using a non standard path then you'll have to change this file otherwise the stats will not be updated.





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